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Online Day of Special Events and Poster Sessions


Facebook Broadcast Recording

Oniine Opening of the Conference

Classic Plenary Session: Media Ecology, Digital Media and Mediatization of Social Reality

“The Virus and Us: Technology of Social Mediation and Practice of Participation” 
G. Asmolov, King’s College London 
About Information Choice and Media Consumption of Russian Society
M. Raibman, Deputy CEO for Business Development at Mediascope 


In Ted Style at the Intersection of Disciplines. “Critical Autonomy” in a Digital Life

Neuroscience of Influence: New Approaches to Research of Information Manipulation in Media 
V. Klucharev, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience NRU HSE
“Code of Visual”: ‘Deepfake’, Creativity and Visual Manipulation
A. Neznanov, International Laboratory for Intelligent Systems and Structural Analysis, Faculty of Computer Science NRU HSE
Digital Rights and Threats: Data Capitalism, Algorithm-Driven Censorship and Mass Surveillance
Е. Sherstoboeva, City University of HongKong


Discussion. Museum at the Post Truth Era

Modern Museum as an Environment of Values’ Preservation and Public Space for Participation Environment 
and Society. What Authenticity Does a Modern Museum Represent? What is Museum’s ‘Soft Power’?

A. Trapkova,
 General Director, Museum of Moscow
L. Telen, First Deputy of Executive Director of Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center 
(Museum of First President of Russia Boris Yeltsin) 

N. Grincheva, Department of Media NRU HSE, Author of Monograph Global Trends in Museum Diplomacy 
V. Opredelenov, Deputy of General Director of Digital Development of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

A. Arkhangelsky, Author, TV and Radio Host, Ordinary Professor at NRU HSE 


Session with Toronto
Ethics by Design: Choices and Challenges for an Equitable Digital Ecosystem 

Paolo Granata, Media Ethics Lab, Director; 3d Gutenberg Lab, Director; Media Ecology Association, President; 
Affiliated Faculty of the University of Toronto School of Cities, Canadian Commission for UNESCO, 
Executive Committee Culture, Communication and Information Sectoral Commission


Evening Immersion. “When the Second Screen Will Become the First One”: What Should We Expect from Augmented Reality. Immersive Practices in Digital Environments. Poster Session

VR Projects are Presented by:
N. Loseva,
 Deputy of Chief Editor of Ria Novosti, Director of Multimedia and New Projects Department 
A. Utkin, N. Pokrovskaya, Script Writers and Directors of Online and VR Movies 
K. Nedkova, Special Projects Department TASS

Online Closing of the Conference